Meet the OWS Team

Andrew Abdallah, M.A.
Program Director

Andrew is a Behavior Technician holding a Masters degree in Applied Behavior Analysis. He has over 10 years experience working in the Mental Health profession. 5 of those years he worked as a direct care professional with children. He completed his education at Rider University for both his Bachelors and Masters degrees. He specializes in the treatment of trauma, substance abuse, and developmental disabilities. He has been an avid skateboarder most of his life having skated for nearly 2 decades now. He now channels his passions into his work at Open World Skate (OWS) as a Behavior Skater and Program Director. He is currently employed as a Clinical Associate at Brett DiNovi and Associates. He works closely with the clinical director to create and implement programs for all clients seeking lessons with OWS.

Ayodeji Odulaja M.P.H.
Clinical Director

Ayodeji AKA DJ is the Clinical Director at Open World Skate (OWS). He holds a Masters degree in Public Health. He has 3 years experience working in Mental Health. He completed his Bachelors degree at Penn State University and went on to obtain his Masters degree at Grand Canyon University. He specializes in trauma, substance abuse, and mental health rehabilitation. He has been involved in the professional sports world as a Soccer Player and recently over the past 3 years has worked alongside physical therapists to rehabilitate skateboarders.

Paul Abdallah
Behavior Skater

Paul is a Behavior Technician and Special Education Teacher with 5 years experience working with children with developmental disabilities and behavior disorders. During his undergraduate studies he completed coursework in Applied Behavior Analysis concentrating his studies in substance abuse and depression leading him to move on to working in the field after graduation. He has skated for almost 2 decades and translates this knowledge and experience into his Skateboarding working as a Behavior Skater at OWS.

Colby Hempel
Behavior Skater

Colby Hempel is a life-long skateboarder with over 19 years of experience on board. He is currently a Behavior Skater for OWS and a Sales & Operations Manager at Dunn Fab Motorsports working around race cars daily. Outside of work and skating Colby is a free-lance photographer specializing in automotive photography and skateboarding photography. He was raised on skateboarding. Colby says that "since the age of 3, it has been embedded into my body & mind". From multiple sponsorships, to competing in King of The Groms, Gatorade Free Flow, Grom-O-Rama, Philly AM, and many others, he learned about the overwhelming mental aspect of skateboarding, and how it closely relates to normal life & personal growth. He believes that skateboarding is a locationless place to call home, a constant challenge, and a way to excel mentally and physically. At 16, Colby lost his father to Suicide. Trying to understand and cope with that trauma as a developing teenager was a challenge to say the least. He was forced to “figure it out”, become the man of the house, and most importantly, teach himself how to never end up with the same struggle as his father. Skateboarding helps in immeasurable ways with that, it has been proven over many years and by countless people. Colby demonstrates an unending excitement to share that with those who have not been exposed to it, and share the gift of skateboarding with our local communities.

Yvette Wood, B.F.A.
Director of Design

Yvette is a Digital Designer with a Bachelors Degree in Digital Art from Rutgers University. Her 15+ years experience in freelance work has led her to also explore Digital Photography and Social Media Advertising for small businesses. She began training in Mixed Martial Arts in February of 2020 and is very passionate about the community and the positive growth that stems from practicing this discipline. She is working to foster the same growth mindset within the skate community through Open World Skate. She believes in using Art and Design to positively impact the world.