Social Skills Group Skate

We offer social skills skateboarding groups run by our Behavior Skaters. The Behavior Skaters operate under the supervision of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and are skilled in assessing, identifying, and implementing behavior analytic strategies designed to increase social skills across participants. 

Social skill deficits are common occurrences in developmental disability but also a common deficit in typically developing children. Social skills isn’t just the ability to talk in front of large crowds, but to communicate overall. Lack of social skills could lead to potential frustrations and problem behaviors such as tantrums and acting out but could eventually lead to problems such as barriers to forming meaningful long term relationships with peers and family, employment, and lower quality of life.

Our Clinical Director works closely with our Behavior Skaters to oversee the implementation and progress. Each of our lessons are derived from research supported treatments and not only build social skills but increase proficiency in skateboarding. Our Behavior Skaters attribute their social skills to skateboarding and the friends they made along the way. 

The best method to teach social skills to any individual is through Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). ABA is a data driven approach to teach and facilitate empirical based interventions. Behavior skills training is used to assess, model and teach appropriate interactions between peers. Social skills training has a long term positive impact for the kids who get involved.